Review of the book Vedic Astrology Series - 2, Stock Market Analysis

 Review by Astrological Magazine of India: 

When greed and fear have sway on investor psychology, which is a significant factor in the stock market behaviour, it is appropriate to explore whether the tenets of Vedic astrology, signifying the Moon as the controller of the mind and Mercury, of emotions and the nervous system of individuals have any influence on the trends. The author tries to relate events like lunation and the retrogression of Mercury, which have perceptible impact on mass psychology, according to Vedic astrological norms, to market fluctuations.

Presenting at the outset, clear, concise and yet a thorough treatment of the basic principles of Vedic astrology, the book proceeds to explain how to evaluate the long and short term projections in the stock market. Effective tools of important conjunctions and oppositions like that of Jupiter-Saturn, eclipses, solar ingresses and others are dealt with lucidly with a number of examples which show the depth of research lying behind this effort. The effects of Dhanishta Panchaka have been skilfully brought out. With useful hints as to when to buy or sell stocks, the author correlates the various factors to help arrive at proper conclusions. Though the book opens with a disclaimer that the hints given do not guarantee correct results, the stock market projections for 2001 and 2002, given with valid reasoning, can help any avid reader to verify the efficacy or otherwise of the hints given. With a glossary of essentials for those who dabble in shares, the book will be a vade-mecum.



Review by Vedic Astrology Magazine of India:

This is a valuable book for students of astrology who have been looking for a comprehensive book on what governs the stock market ups and downs. A sizeable number of people enter into learning astrology so as to maximise their gains through the stock market. Stock market is even a bigger game in USA where this book has been conceived and produced by an astrologer of Indian origin. There are well written books on stock market analysis based on western astrology. This book has the distinction of being based on Vedic astrology. The principles enunciated in the book have been applied on the New York Stock Exchange and tested on DJIA numbers.

The book covers a wide range of topics that determine long term and short term trends in the stock market. Hindu years which repeat on a sixty year cycle with each having a distinctive name that reflects the broad promise of the year to the general masses, has been given in the book.

The transit of each planet, specially of the slow moving planets,through the signs of the zodiac, and their bullish or bearish effects have been outlined. The author gives useful tips for evaluating the Solar Ingress and Lunation charts of every month. The Chaitra Shukla Pratipada chart, that is used for all mundane predictions including stock market has also found elaborate mention in the book.

How the eclipses and the 'panchaka' phenomena affects the market has also been included. The book reveals the volatile character of Mercury and how it behaves in conjunction with Venus, or when it is combust, retrograde or in aspect with major planets. The book has a chapter on transit of planets in different navamshas of each sign. A very valuable additioii in the book is a chapter on evaluation based on Ashtakavarga and it has been exemplified on New York Stock Exchange.

There is a comprehensive chapter on how to evaluate buying or selling opportunity in the stock market. An interesting chapter is devoted to planetary situations in the individual's natal chart which are conducive to success in stock trading. Stock market projections, month by month for the years 2001 and 2002, have been given towards the end of the book, with astrological reasoning.

Thus, for the student of astrology the book gives, at one place, numerous parameters that help analyse and, therefore, make it possible to predict the trends of the stock market. Many topics could perhaps have been better presented in a tabular form for easy reference. Though this book has been printed and published in USA, yet it is not without the stigma usually attached to books printed in India. The copy editor and the proof reader, if they were employed, have not done justice to their profession in this otherwise highly valueable book.

Review by David LaGrone (Vedic Astrologer)

Mr. Krishnan presents a clear, concise, yet thorough treatment of the basic principles of Vedic Astrology, the reader will be able to construct the charts and tables needed to apply Mr. Krishnan's guidelines for both long term and short term analysis of market trends. Should the reader desire to focus on a specific company, Mr. Krishnan has also provided material to aid this study. As both an educator and student myself, I am particularly pleased with the number of examples he uses. This clearly indicates his dedication to communicating his work, as well as the depth of research he has done preparing this volume.

10/8/2001 David LaGrone

Past President of Astrological Society of Fort Worth .TX

Charter Member of ACVA

Member of AFAN, NCGR, and ISAR